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We had a terrible crisis when 2 of our computers collapsed from an electric surge with a critical mass of our business data. We tried few IT companies which told us that the data is lost forever until we found IT LAND data recovery. They recovered all our data in 3 days and we were back in business. The friendly team at IT LAND Data Recovery saved us a lot of time to try and reconstruct the business data, you are life savers.
Thanks a lot you did a brilliant job.

Gami Ben Harush – Director

Thank heavens for IT Land. All of our baby photo's were safely retrieved from our completely dead and ancient hard drive and stored onto an external hard drive.

It didn't take long at all and was done at what I thought was a great price.

Highly recommend their services.

Melanie Milgate

Our laptop crashed on the floor and stopped working with our last few years of family pictures and many business and personal documents. My IT Technician advised that the hard drive is physically damaged and referred us to IT LAND Data Recovery. The team at IT LAND was great and helped us to recover all our data very fast. We are so happy that our few last years are back, many thanks.

Joe Bergman
Bergman Solutions

After the loss of our daughter all we had were photo’s and memories, but when the laptop hard drive crashed our hopes were crushed. ITLAND did an extensive job to recover our precious photos and now we can see those precious moments once again, You are remarkable at the amazing jobs you do. Thank you ITLAND.
Thank you again Oded I would not have been able to make this journey with out your help . 

Pieta Whitehead

I have purchased products, sought technical advice and had data recovery from IT LAND. After the staff had analyzed my data problem they took the time to show me how the fault had occured and explained the quote in easy to understand terms. The staff have a wealth of experience, are very helpful and above all honest and friendly. I will certainly be using IT LAND for any future problems as their expertise and advice has proven to be invaluable to me. This is my first testimonial ever and I am only doing it because I truly believe you would be getting the best service and support by using IT LAND for all your IT needs.

Dana Straton

Very Happy
“I run a Group Outdoor Personal Training business which relies on the use of various databases. One day my external hard-drive started making noises and the next day it stopped working altogether. After a quick search on the net and a few outrageous quotes from other companies I decided to give IT Land a call. Oded was extremely helpful right from the start. He was honest and upfront and I felt quite assured that I was getting a premium service. I received communication from Oded each step along the way and just as promised, ALL of my data was recovered successfully. I am still extremely thankful for this.” Damian Hopkins – Step into Life Byron Shire.

Damian Hopkins

Justin and Sarah had professional group dancing seesions footage on a SD card that got damaged.
After few camera/computer places couldn't recover their important data, we could and they were very happy with the result:
"Hi Oded, 
Just wanted to say thanks for your assistance, great service and help very appreciated"

Justin Smart
Radio Metro

Learning to protect your intellectual property is a constant learning curve. I am a voluntary contributor for ElleFreeman Foundation and our mission is to provide a series of video tutorials along with text documents to help businesses generate additional on-line income whilst they are busy working on their first line business, being very creative, I write up documents as I learn different processes and have always stored temporary documents on dropbox which is a cloud based storage with limited bandwidth. I had recently bought a 2TB external USB and transferred most of the work onto the eternal hard drive predominately freeing up all the space on dropbox. This worked well for around 2 months, I was updating all my word directly to the 2tb hard drive until one day..... I was distracted by something and the hard drive fell off the desk onto the floor. The hard drive would not read the data. It was like the "blue screen of death". My heart sank. How much work had I potentially lost? How much work could I potentially retrieve from the archives of dropbox? These questions and many more flooded my brain.
I sent out a quick "help" to my Facebook friends and none of my geek friends had any local solutions so I asked "Dr Google" One of the first businesses that came up on Google was and they where based in Tweed Heads - very local to me.
I contacted them via email and they responded very quickly. We negotiated a time when I could come in and have the hard drive assessed. I paid a deposit and left the hard drive with them so that they could assess the cost of retrieval of the data and would let me know if it would be possible to retrieve the data.
A few days later, I received an email with a full explanation of what would have to be done to retrieve the data and the expected costing. I was surprised that it was at all possible to retrieve the data and had to discuss the budget allocated with my partner. We decided to go ahead with the retrieval and as suggested by Oded it was retrieved and I can happily attest that it was service with a smile and Oded educated me through the whole process. Now I use dropbox for the current projects I am working on and then on Fridays transfer across to the 2 TB replacement hard drive. The new USB sits on the floor so it has no chance of dropping from any height. My intention is to purchase another external drive where I will do a monthly backup of the data as you can never have too many backups of your intellectual property. I found Oded professional to deal with and he really knows his trade and has a very happy satisfied customer and I will recommend his services to anyone who happens to loose their data and requires recovery.

Love Peace and Truth

Leanne Whitehouse
Volunteer Contributor
ElleFreeman Foundation

Leanne Cane
ElleFeeman Foundation

This is to sincerely thank Oded from IT LAND gold coast data recovery for the excellent work he did to recover some files that I lost from my laptop when it seized up. Oded had to rebuild the hard drive and solder some parts in order to retrieve the information that I wanted. I am very impressed with the fine standard of service and professionalism given to me and will certainly recommend the services of IT LAND to anyone who experiences similar problems – definitely 5 STAR Service.

Thanks once again.
Kind regards, 
Peter Jocys
Sales Manager & Property Consultant

Peter Jocys
North Estate Agents

After my external hard drive failed I took it into my IT guru to see if they could recover anything. After two days I was told they could not get anything off it. I was then referred to IT Land and drove straight to their office and spoke to Oded, told him what happened and he said he would have a look at it. Oded called me back and said they would be able to recover 99.9% of the drive. I then sat down with Oded and discussed what I could do to ensure this would not happen again and after taking his advice I preceded with data recovery and installation of new backup system. IT Land did the whole job from start to finish which was on time and done in a very professional manner.
I would not hesitate in recommending IT Land to anyone who needs an IT specialist who still knows the meaning of customer service.

David Mifsud, National Manager
D & G Steel Sheds Network

I was very happy with the service provided to me by IT LAND. I took my computer there as all my data on
my hardrive had been wipe due to an electrical shortage. 
Oded was ever so helpful and friendly and was able to recover all data I had lost. I was impressed with the prompt and highly efficient service that was provided 
and would recommend IT LAND to anyone looking for an expert in data recovery. 

Many Thanks

Holly Thompson


We are a small business and backup regularly to external drives and we had a raid 5 array NAS box for our reports and images. The NAS box failed meaning we couldn't access the data on the 4 drives but (hopefully) it was still intact. Oded and his staff at IT Land did a back up scan of all the data then began analysis of the backed up data. I was impressed with the patience shown by Oded and his staff as I was fairly impatient and irritated that despite all our backup precautions we s till could get caught like this. I rang a number of times or had my staff ring on progress but they were unflustered and were able to give me a list of data recoverable and costings. I gave them the go ahead and they re-installed the recovered data on a new NAS box along with all the fragments of files that were unrecoverable so we could pick out the still useable images and reports. In all we were back in operation in a week and costs were not anywhere near what I had been quoted by companies in Brisbane or the Southern States! So thank you to Oded and his staff for making a problem that had brought our business to a standstill managable and it was carried out with professionlism and making me aware of the costings at each stage.Brian SketcherAsbestos Audits Queensland

Brian Sketcher
Asbestos Audits Queensland

I've been working with ITLAND Data Recovery since 2012, and have always found them to have a top service, great staff personality, and a deep understanding of hardware and software when it comes to technology and in particular forensic data recovery. We most certainly would recommend ITLAND to anyone. 

Luke Cole, Director COLETEK,

I am a theatre director and work in Australia and around the world. All my shows are in folders on my hard drive. I rely on the all the time. 
Recently, I had a crisis with my hard drive and had no luck retrieving essential files for a show I was about to direct in Kingscliff. It was really stressful as I needed a quick solution to get my data back. I was running out of time. I found on the website ITLAND DATA RECOVERY and arranged to meet with Oded.
He was really polite and made me easily understand the possible reasons for the damage of my hard drive. We agreed he would do his forensic investigation and get back to me ASAP. 
The next day, Oded thankfully retrieved my files and successfully restored them. I can’t thank him enough.  

Darren Yap, Theatre Director,

I had a really old external hard drive with 14+ years of family photos on it that completley died on me.
Oded and ITLAND went well beyond what I ever expected to retrieve as much data as they could on the hard drive.
I would definitely highly recommend them to everyone, they have exceptional service at amazing prices.

Thank you for all your hard work, you guys are the best!

Kind Regards,
Yvonne Osborne